Experience the feeling of nature at your doorstep, order your custom yurt today.

Yurts for personal use

ZAZU Yurts makes it easier than ever to develop your own personalized living space, vacation home or temporary housing. Bringing together ancient techniques, state-of-the-art materials and clever craftsmanship, our yurts maintain a high level of comfort and luxury. Portable and easy to install on off-locations, they offer a range of interesting possibilities – without having to compromise on comfort, safety, or protection from the elements. You will feel right at home.

Vacation Home & More

ZAZU Yurts serve perfectly as a unique alternative guest house or holiday home. Thanks to the beautiful finish, sturdy structure, and various insulating options, you can live in the yurts year-round. An ideal housing solution if you’re looking for a holiday home, studio/office, yoga/meditation room, alternative home, or temporary accommodation. Yurt cabins are easy to install and offer many of the features and amenities found in other residential arrangements. Yurt holiday homes are also popular tourist destinations; you can easily share them with others or rent them out when you’re not there yourself.

Temporary Housing

Did you just buy a new rural home or a piece of land? Our yurts and tents are rock solid and easy to install and take down once your permanent structure is built. You can also convert your yurt into a guest house, studio, or yoga/meditation room.

We offer various customizable options to create the perfect space. It’s also possible to connect yurts and create separate sections such as bedrooms, a bathroom, dining room, or living room. Design and create your own, personalized space. Our team is ready to help and advise you in building your dream yurt. as never been easier to develop your own personal living space. By combining traditional techniques with modern materials, our yurts are comfortable and luxurious. Its portability and ease of installation provide options without sacrificing comfort, safety and protection from the elements.

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