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Warranty Autentic Tents

Autentic provides a standard two-year statutory warranty.


This warranty does not apply to damage to zippers, stakes and poles. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply if the damage is due to wear and tear, misuse or neglect, if the defect consists of holes, damage arising from (but not limited to) mould, mildew, inconsequential spot leakage, exposure to ultraviolet light, use of fire/stove/air conditioner, other damages that may be caused by improper or negligent use/assembly/storage of the product, poor maintenance, use contrary to instructions (not following proper procedures), repair/modification/adjustment by anyone other than Autentic, if the item has been damaged on purpose or extreme weather conditions including but not limited to ice, snow, hail, wind and lightening or any other catastrophic events, treatment/maintenance/painting with products not approved by Autentic. This warranty shall also not apply if the trademarks of the Autentic products and packaging have been removed, if the circumstance is beyond Autentic’s control such as vandalism, if the item has been intentionally damaged or damaged due to extreme weather conditions including but not limited to ice, snow, hail, wind and lightning or any other catastrophic event. The warranty can only be invoked if the product has been paid for in full. The damage that you wish to submit for warranty must be reported within 8 days of its discovery.

Tent-ID card & Procedure

Your tent comes with a handy pocket-sized Tent-ID card. It contains the most necessary tips and tricks on how to set up and store your Autentic tent correctly and how to take care of it. ​​​​​​​Your Tent-ID card must also be presented if you want to get your tent repaired. Therefore, always put the Tent-ID card back in the intended place in your tent bag. Would you like to claim your warranty as a customer or get your tent repaired? If you are an Autentic user: • Make sure to register your Autentic tent. By registering, you will also receive frequent updates on Autentic as well as useful tips. • Contact the distributor where you bought your Autentic tent. He/she is responsible for the further course of the guarantee procedure and will be happy to help you.

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