Experience the feeling of nature at your doorstep, order your custom yurt today.

Yurts for commercial use

ZAZU Yurts serve as excellent accommodations for your camp site, hotel, resort or wellness retreat – even daycare centers. Organically shaped and made from all-natural materials, our yurts bring about an instant sense of spaceousness, stillness, and relaxation. Portable and easy to install on off-locations, they offer a range of interesting possibilities – without having to compromise on comfort, safety or protection from the elements. Your guests will feel right at home.

Hotel, Camp Site & Resort

Are you a hotel, campsite or resort looking for a unique alternative to conventional housing? ZAZU Yurts are elegant, sturdy and sleek. Thanks to a variety of insulating options, you can offer them as year-round accommodations. ZAZU Yurts are ideal for ski resorts and can serve as warm cabins, rental facilities, or sleeping accommodations. Versatile and flexible, they offer comfort and strength in the snow, making them an easy, affordable, and appealing addition to your facility. • Habitable year-round • Unique experience in luxury tent • Organically shaped to blend in with nature • Capacity increase at relatively low costs • Seasonal housing for employees/advisers • Natural materials and colors • Low-impact alternative to permanent construction Yurts are often grouped in a designated area, creating a “yurt village”. When grouped, they are easily maintained, cleaned and placed in the vicinity of a sanitary block, saving you on utilities.

Wellness Retreats & More

ZAZU Yurts bring about an instant sense of belonging. They can serve as extraordinary spaces for group activities like breath work, ceremonies, or offbeat meetings. Free from the constraints a square space might impose, the yurt’s circular shape has an extraordinary effect on inspiration and creativity. This is precisely why so many fitness trainers, yoga instructors, owners of retreat centers, and others seeking to create a nurturing environment choose to work with yurts. All of our models can be customized to your specific desires. Our team is happy to help you to offer your guests the best possible yurt experience.

Day Care Centers & Fun

With the rising trend of outdoor/forest nurseries, yurts are becoming increasingly popular as day care center locations. They are fun to play in and comfortable to sleep in. And bringing nature to your nursery’s doorstep is a great way of introducing the great outdoors into children’s daily experiences. Or are you looking for a great new playtime item inside your existing nursery? Our super cute Mini Yurts are especially made for kids. Hours of playtime guaranteed! Make naptime more fun inside a yurt. ZAZU Mini Yurts are super easy to set up, and super easy to store – and made out of leftover ash wood from our bigger models, so no valuable material is wasted.

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