Experience the feeling of nature at your doorstep, order your custom yurt today.


Easily customized to fit your wildest desires.

ZAZU yurts are handcrafted and designed in Europe. Distinguished by a sleek and modern design, and a highly refined finishing, they are easily customized to fit your wildest desires. We’ve innovated the structure of the traditional yurt, making its classical mid-pole obsolete. This frees up more space, considerably enhancing your comfort and luxury. Our yurts have even been proven to be suitable for alpine areas.

The Yurt's Skeleton

ZAZU yurt’s skeleton structures are fabricated with 100% ash - one of the sturdiest kinds of wood available.

Our roof racks are so robust, each carries up to 300kg. Yes indeed, strong enough to put up a hammock! Our wooden frames are stabilized with wires. Together with the sturdiness of the wood, this takes away the need for columns to carry the crown – something you often see in traditional yurts. Our yurts are columnless, giving you plenty of extra room to relax in.

We offer two types of wooden frames: Inti structure and Killa structure. These both have their own distinct and distinguished style. The Killa yurt contains less woodwork and the crown height is higher than the Inti, giving you a great sense of spaceousness.

Yurt Specs

title ⌀ m wall height crown height ⌀ m dome
Killa Yurt 3.50 9.62 1.5 2.42 0.4
Killa Yurt 4.48 15.75 1.95 2.93 1
Killa Yurt 5.44 23.3 1.95 3.2 1
Killa Yurt 6.40 32 1.95 3.2 1
Inti Yurt 6.02 28.44 1.95 3.19 1
Inti Yurt 7.05 39.05 2.14 3.38 1.2
Inti Yurt 8.08 51.2 2.14 3.65 1.2
Inti Yurt 9.10 65 2.14 3.83 1.6
Inti Yurt 10.15 80.8 2.14 4.05 1.8
Inti Yurt 12.03 113.6 2.14 4.47 1.8

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